The side streets of Lima

Apart from cute villages and nature I am a city girl. My ideal home would certainly be a cute little area in the big city. Within walking distance of the hustle and bustle, but just on a location where you can withdraw. Of course near the beach or beautiful mountains. In Lima we found those cute “neighbourhoods”. If you just took that side street here. Pastel-coloured cottages with white balconies. Death silent squares surrounded with tropical plants and the occasional face standing behind the laundry, hiding for the camera. Within walking distance of the famous Kennedy park, the busy shopping street of Peru, the touristic Costa Verde boulevard. This square was our place to be.

With us I mean Carina from Stuttgart. Carina I know via Mariela, the friend who was getting married in Peru. We booked along with Salvatore, a common friend of us all, an apartment at Air B n B. We talked to each other for the trip every now and then via chat, but met only ‘ real ‘ in Lima. For this we probably each other on the Dutch wedding by Mariela (Yes, they married 2 times with the same guy), a year earlier. And a few hours later we were thick friends. Whooping with laughter we fell exhausted. If you ‘ only ‘ travels are you open to everyone, you make new friends. Secretly I went not quite on trip. Anyway they streets so.

Please take that side street
I can only embrace to off the beaten track. To start walking, not right, but left to go. Curious. Guts to open that door. And just have somewhere to sit down. You never know what surf bunch from their green Volkswagen van, that there is a row of pastel cottages behind an ugly building on the highway is hidden. That there is an Italian coffee shop and Longboard shop in one street shop till you drop at the coffee shop.

And, oh Jeez I am ashamed a bit. You had to wait so long for blogposts by Peru. I’m really really heeeeele a bad blogger. But there is so much going on behind the scenes. In addition to my normal life as an Online Marketer (technologist, sounds nice eh) and keeping up social contacts (seriously) I’m working on the blog. The editing photos in one fixed style. Video: designing scripts (only designing, but further came I did not), the new website behind the scenes readying (I like more than a blog and don’t miss what functionalities) and switch to a new host. That’s successful, but not quite perfect. Another night on the ftp are unfortunately. Bad excuses, I know.

See you soon?