A world trip is the best thing a travel enthusiast can make. The freedom, the impressions, the experiences. But how do you start a world trip? If only you could just go. In this article I share all our world travel experiences.

All highlights + tips:

A world trip is a journey in which someone travels around the world from east to west or vice versa. Opinions are divided about the meaning of the term. Some call a world trip a journey in which you visit more than two continents, while others think that traveling around the world is only a world trip if you don’t come home during your trip. But hey, what is home? Isn’t it just a feeling?

Plan your worldtrip!

The pre planning is just as fun! When planning your trip, you have a number of things that you take into account:

  • What will your worldtriproute be: where to go and when?
  • How much money should you save for a worldtrip?
  • What kind of ticket do you need?

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  • Who you’re gonna travel with? Do you know any friends who’d like to travel? Are you going for a solo trip?

⤳ With our tips, you’ll find your travelbuddy in an instant!

  • What to take on a worldtrip? With our packing list, you’ll never forget a thing!
  • A bit less fun, but very important! How about a travel insurance?
  • If you travel more than 8 months you have to take into account that sometimes you need to unsubscribe (sorry can’t think of the proper word for this) from the municipality, like in the Netherlands we have to.
Surfers in Bali Padang Padang beach

Mijn reisbuddy voor de wereldreis

During traveling

If you are traveling, you want to keep track of your costs as much as possible. We kept our costs in an excel file to keep a good overview.

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And sometimes you’ll get tired of traveling! What’s that like? Read more about our ‘fatigue’.

ThuleThule Guidepost 65L backpack wereldreis

After worldtrip dip

And then you’re back home: (How did you travel with us?) Read about our first days at home after the big trip.

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Below you will find articles about our worldtrip!